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Appointment System

The Appointment System is designed to provide a professional and well managed system for businesses to make appointments and manage the same.

Project Description

W e provide an appointment system which allows you to administer all appointments for your business in an organised and professional way.

This system will let you create your own data records for your clients and your staff and you can enter all appointments for your company by assigning which staff will deal with the appointment and which client the appointment is with along with other details like date, time and comments. If your business requires out bound sales calls to be made, this system also provides the feature of saving and attaching call logs and call recordings with each appointment made. The system will also come with features like leave management for your staff where they can apply for a leave to their managers and the managers can approve the leave through the system, they will get email notifications for request and approvals. Another useful feature is the expense management where the staff can add all requests for payments to the system and can subsequently be approved/rejected by the concerned person along with the reason added to the system. This system makes things more organised at your work place by minimising all chances of human errors.